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Serving Saint Louis, Southeast Missouri, and the greater Midwest area with quality CPR Classes, First Aid Training from a complete line of American Heart Association, ECSI, and HSI courses since 2006.

CPR Classes, First Aid Training, and Emergency Lifesaving Training serving St. Louis, Missouri and surrounding areas

If you are looking for CPR classes, First Aid Training, or a number of other emergency medical and lifesaving training classes in and around the St. Louis, Missouri area, Emergency and Safety Trainers is here to meet your needs. We have been providing training in responding to emergencies and life-threatening conditions since 2006.

Our classes are structured to create competent, skilled, and confident rescuers. Our team of instructors is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who enrolls in our courses receives the necessary instruction, training, and support so that when they leave they are equipped with all the skills required to respond in an emergency.

Our course schedule is designed to provide you with options to find the perfect course to meet your individual needs. Whether you are a soon-to-be new parent who wants to learn basic CPR and first aid training classes in the event of an emergency in your home or you are an EMT looking for continuing education or to renew your certifications, we have courses designed to meet your needs.

We are an authorized provider for a number of nationally recognized organizations such as American Heart Association Training Courses, ECSI (Emergency Care & Safety Institute), and the American Safety & Health Institute. You can feel confident in the training and materials we will provide you.

If you are looking for CPR and first aid training, whether for the first time or in order to be recertified, look no further. You can also schedule a training course for members of your workplace. We are here to help you gain proficiency and confidence in the skills you will need to provide life-saving assistance in the case of an emergency.


About Us

Who We Are…

Emergency And Safety Trainers, LLCs is St. Louis and Southeast Missouri’s premier source for your emergency medical training needs.

We are an authorized training center for the Emergency Care and Safety Institute, American Safety and Health Institute, and the National Safety Council. We are also an authorized provider for the American Heart Association courses.

Whether attending one of our scheduled courses or requesting us to provide training at your location, we make training accessible and affordable to individuals and companies alike.

What We Do…

We offer a complete line of American Heart Association courses, ECSI, ASHI, and National Safety Council courses. For EMS professionals seeking continuing education, we offer CEU courses to meet your needs through our Missouri Bureau of EMS accreditation.

For child care providers, we are pleased to offer professional development clock hours from our MOPD authorized instructors.

We are a proud supporter of the Boy Scouts of America and have merit badge counselors on the topics of Medicine, First Aid, and Communications.

Our Mission…

To provide affordable life saving education to both First Responders and the general public.

Our Promise…

At Emergency and Safety Trainers, we only hire credentialed instructors who have years of on-field and teaching experience. We will ensure all our courses meet current national guidelines and standards, and we provide our classes to you at an affordable price.


Our Course Offerings

We offer a wide range of course topics designed to prepare you for unexpected emergencies. We also offer courses designed for professional rescuers. Here are the course options you can choose between:

CPR Classes St. Louis

Our CPR classes are designed to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to provide life-saving assistance and administer CPR. Our courses follow the guidelines established by The American Heart Association.

EMS Continuing Education

Additionally, we offer continuing education courses for Emergency Medical Service providers. We will keep you up to date with the latest advancements and help you fulfill your continuing education requirements

Emergency Care & Safety Institute

We offer courses through the Emergency Care and Safety Institute. These courses are designed to help you fulfill any specific job-related requirements including Wilderness First Aid for the outdoor enthusiasts.

First Aid Training St. Louis

In our first aid training classes, our instructors go over how to respond during an emergency and provide medical attention to a victim until an ambulance arrives. In these courses, you will learn how to respond to medical conditions as well as how to treat wounds and injuries.

American Heart Association (AHA)

We’re pleased to offer the very popular American Heart Association courses. To learn more about the couses we offer, click the learn more button.

BLS Certification (Basic Life Support)

If you are a medical professional, we also offer Basic Life Support (BLS) Certification. Our instructors will cover CPR, AED, and first aid skills you need to know.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

If you are a healthcare provider and you are required to have ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) training, this course will cover everything you need to know to become ACLS certified or renew your ACLS certification.

BLAST! (Babysitter Lessons and Safety Training)

This exciting class helps babysitters, nannies, and parents know how to pick safe activities when caring for children of all ages. This class is best designed for individuals 13 and older.

Schedule Our Training Today!

We gladly provide our certified CPR training, first aid training and other types of emergency prep training courses to both individuals and companies large and small. If you have a large group you need trained, be sure to ask us about our group discounts.

Give us a call today! We greatly look forward to helping prepare you and your company for the unfortunate but unpreventable health emergencies of life.


Why Learn With Us?


Over 20 Years In-Field or Classroom Training Experience

We have been providing training in life saving skills for over 20 years. We offer both classroom and in-field training experiences to best meet your needs or the needs of your workplace.

Over our 20 years, we have helped hundreds of individuals learn the skills they need for CPR, first aid, AED, and EMS job-related skills. Our graduates have gone on to make a positive impact in their communities.


Serving all of Missouri and surrounding areas

We serve the entire state of Missouri along with portions of the surrounding states and are willing to travel to your workplace or group to conduct a training session. Our team of fully trained and certified instructors bring experience and knowledge to our trainings.


Thousands of Graduates

In our many years of existence, we’ve had the pleasure of working with and graduating thousands of students through our courses. We view each class and each student as a new and exciting opportunity to share the lifesaving skills and knowledge we have.


Fully Trained and Certified Instructors

All of our instructors are state and national certified to teach a variety of different courses. From CPR training to First Aid courses and EMS training and continuing education, we have the experience, professionalism and love for teaching you or your organization needs.

Our trainers are excellent at providing clear instruction for those will all levels of background knowledge. They will work with you or your group to ensure that the individual needs of each person is met and that everyone leaves feeling competent in their ability to use the skills taught in the event of an emergency.


What Our Students Say

I attended Wilderness Remote First Aid and CPR/AED training. James did a great job of tailoring the materials and presentation to the audience. He patiently answered all questions and shared his personal experiences to help reinforce the course content. I highly recommend EAST, LLC. for your emergency and safety training needs.

Curt Geiler

I attended the Wilderness First Aid and CPR/AED class this past weekend. James in an phenomenal instructor able to give first hand knowledge about the topics he covers. I took as this as a requirement as a scout leader going to Philmont this summer. The class is taught in a very engaging manner and I feel confident I have to the knowledge to navigate through any life threatening situation I encounter – be it on our 10 day hike or in real world situations. I was engaged throughout the entire class. I highly recommended EASTrainers for any scout group, company or average Joe looking to gain valuable insight and training in first aid.

Eric Brucker

Great instructor, the class was easy to follow and I learned so much. I have recommended this company to my friends. By far the most convenient school to learn cpr from.

Thresa Silverest

Very thorough and comprehensive training and instructions. Highly recommend to any company or organization looking to get their staff trained in cpr or medical safety and first aid. Instructor was great at not making the class boring and keeping the attention of us all.

Michael Lumetta


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide CPR classes in St. Louis for individuals or companies?

Both! We offer our CPR training classes to individuals and companies alike. We often plan day-long or even multi-day CPR classes in St. Louis for companies of all sizes. We can even offer a blended training consisting of online coursework followed up be an onsite hands-on skills test by one of our instructors. This option is becoming more and more convenient with those that have a limited schedule. 

How quickly can we schedule one of your classes?

It usually takes us a couple weeks to get your class into our schedule. However, if you have an urgent need for emergency medical training classes or EMS continuing education before your certification expires, call us right away. We may have an opening or can possibly offer you one of our popular blended options.

I just don't feel comfortable around other people. What if I mess up?

Well, everyone in the class with you is there for the same reason. We’re there to learn how to save a life. We create a fun, laid back atmosphere. We know this is some serious, important stuff we’re teaching, but we can still make learning it fun. If we can make the learning experience memorable, the skills will easily be remembered when needed.

How much do your classes cost?

As we provide on site trainings, our courses are customized to the clients needs. Class size, location, 3rd shift availability, and course type are all factors into pricing. Please contact us for pricing.

What makes your classes different than the competitors?

1. Price. By utilizing our abilities as multiple training centers, we can usually provide you or your business with quality training (customized if needed based off of industry, student profile, etc.) with materials cheaper than our competitors. We in turn pass the savings into you, the customer.

2. Our prices are all inclusive. All students are required to have a book for reference during AND after the course. Many of our competitors will provide you with a book to use during class and then collect them or charge you an additional fee for the book. This is not only against most organizational policies, it’s deceiving as well and culd jeopardize your certifications. If you see a cheaper course, inquire as to what is included in the price. those hidden charges add up and could be subject to revocation.

3. Combining Audible and Visual Learning: We use biofeedback devices to assist the student in self correction. Combining quality direction And audible / visual feedback assures each student is able to self verify skills and instantly correct if needed. But don’t worry, our instructors are more than eager to help you become proficient in those skills.

Schedule One of our Certified Emergency Training Courses Today

If you are looking to obtain CPR, first aid, AED, or EMS related certifications, contact us to enroll in one of our many course options. If you are an employer and would like to schedule an in-the field training for your employees, we would be happy to discuss your training needs and find the best program design to meet your needs and certify your employees.

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Schedule One of our Certified Emergency Training Courses Today

If you are looking to obtain CPR, first aid, AED, or job-related certifications, contact us to enroll in one of our many course options. If you are an employer and would like to schedule an in-the field training for your employees, we would be happy to discuss your training needs and find the best program design to meet your needs and certify your employees.

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