Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Classes

student learning CPR and AED for CPR AED awareness month

As a healthcare provider, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) is a required certification. This is similar to Basic Life Support (BLS) certification, but is more advanced and aimed at professionals in the health care field who already possess some medical knowledge. Our ACLS training classes are designed to provide first time certification for new medical providers or for existing medical providers to be recertified.

Our ACLS certification courses include instruction in all the topics covered by our BLS courses with some more advanced instruction and other topics. We will go over the correct way to administer CPR, including the ratio of compressions to breaths.

Additionally, we will address the differences in providing CPR as a solo rescuer compared to administering CPR when there is a second trained rescuer available to assist. Our ACLS courses also provide instruction on proper and efficient AED use in emergency situations.

One main difference between our ACLS training and our BLS training is instruction on administering medications. As a healthcare provider who works in a doctor’s office or hospital, you are allowed to provide pharmaceutical care to an individual in need.

We will cover some of the different pharmaceutical drugs that you might be using as well as the circumstances that may call for these different medications. Additionally, our course will cover determining the correct dosage of a drug for a give patient and other recommendations related to administering medications.

We recommend scheduling an ACLS certification course for your employees who will likely be working together in the event of a real emergency. This way, they can practice with one another in the classroom environment and gain confidence together.

Training together will ensure that all the employees from your doctor’s office or hospital are on the same page and ready to respond collaboratively to a real emergency should the need arise. We are available to come to your location for in-the field training. If you prefer, you can also schedule ACLS training for your employees at our facility.

Our goal is to help you meet your training needs and requirements and to help your employees feel confident and ready to respond to a crisis