OSHA Training Classes

Many organizations and employers require OSHA training. OSHA stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration. There are different OSHA training courses offered to meet the requirements of your workplace. Some courses we offer include

  • Respiratory Protection Training: In this course we will cover OSHA standards for on-site respiratory protection and medical evaluation requirements. We will review options for respiratory protection equipment and how to properly use the different equipment options.
  • Fall Protection Training: In this course, we will discuss OSHA regulations for protection against falls at construction workplaces. We will review inspecting equipment designed to prevent falls as well as developing a fall protection training program at your workplace.
  • Electrical Standards Training: This course reviews the OSHA electrical standards and hazards that can occur when working with electrical equipment.
  • Disaster Site Training: This training prepares those that arrive on scene after a natural disaster. Topics covered include work zone safety, respiratory protection, and communicating in the aftermath of a disaster.
  • Construction Industry Training: In this course, you will learn about OSHA regulations in relation to operations that take place on a construction site. Instruction will include learning to identify hazards related to safety or health and preventing accidents and injuries.
  • Hazardous Materials Training: Instruction in this course will focus on OSHA regulations in regards to handling and using hazardous materials. We will cover safe handling of various materials including gases, combustible liquids, and cryogenic liquids.
  • Evacuation and Emergency Planning: In this course, you will learn the OSHA regulations related to fire and emergency prevention plans. During this course, you will gain practice creating emergency plans and identifying safe routes for evacuation under different circumstances.
  • Pandemic Influenza Outbreak Training: This course covers OSHA protocols for what to do in the event of a flu outbreak. We will also cover how to assist individuals, families, and businesses in the event of an outbreak. We will also cover the importance of developing a plan to be prepared for an outbreak as well as how to create the emergency plan.

Visit our course offerings page to see the full list of OSHA courses that are being offered.