CPR Classes and CPR Training

If you are looking for CPR classes in Saint Louis, Missouri, we are here to meet all your training needs. We offer in-person classes designed to provide you with all the knowledge and skills you’ll need in order to perform life-saving CPR.

During our in-person St Louis CPR training classes, you will work alongside our trained and certified instructors. Our instructors will first work to educate you on the necessary steps to providing effective CPR.

These steps include surveying the scene, having someone contact 911, checking the victim for responsiveness, and providing CPR when needed until emergency services arrives. The instructors will provide you with more detailed information about what to do for each of these steps.

In order to ensure that you understand each of these steps in the process, the instructors will play through mock scenarios and have you share what should be done, and in what order, to respond to the victim.

After learning the basics of responding to an emergency, you will practice performing CPR on one of our manikins. Our instructors will provide you with a step-by-step guide for what needs to be done to perform CPR on an adult, a child, or an infant.

You will have multiple opportunities to practice giving CPR on the manikins. Our instructors will watch your technique and offer feedback related to your overall position, the position of your hands on the manikin’s chest, and the depth of your compressions. They will talk with you to ensure that you feel confident with performing CPR and that you understand the necessary steps and procedures to do so.

Next, the instructors will create mock emergencies where you will need to apply your learning from both sections of the course. You will demonstrate that you understand the sequence of events for responding to a life-threatening emergency as well as the basics of correctly administering CPR. Different mock scenarios will be created for students in the class to practice responding to ’emergencies’ involving adult, child, and infant victims.

Our Saint Louis CPR classes are offered in both individual or group settings. You can choose to sign yourself up for one of the CPR courses offered on our website. In this format, you will learn with other students at one of our training facilities.

If you have a large group or are an employer in the greater St. Louis and southeast Missouri area who wants to schedule a training for your employees, we also offer group courses. When you schedule one of our group trainings, we can either come to your location, or your group can come to our facility for training.

We would love to help you or your organization achieve your CPR training goal. We love seeing the confidence individuals gain from our CPR classes. Our students leave our class prepared and confident to respond in the unfortunate event of an emergency. If you need to schedule CPR classes, St Louis is our home base and we provide training throughout the city. Please let us help you learn to help others!