AED Batteries, Pads, and Accessories

AED Battery Life: When To Get A Replacement AED Battery
Depending on the manufacturer, most AED batteries will need to be replaced about every 2-5 years. Keeping an eye on when your battery is about to expire is the best way to avoid a malfunctioning AED and the best way to ensure you are prepared to save lives.

Knowing when your AED battery expires is simple. All AED batteries come with a date stamp telling you exactly when the battery is set to expire. Keep in mind, an install by date is not an expiration date.

Purchasing Replacement AED Batteries and Pads
Don’t be caught off guard. Keeping your AED batteries and pads up to date is extremely important to maintaining a working machine. Order your replacement AED batteries and pads well before your existing equipment expires. Stop Heart Attack supplies the most popular brands of replacement AED batteries, pads, and accessories.

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