CPR & First Aid Training Classes

Our Saint Louis CPR and First Aid classes are designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to provide first aid care for a person suffering from an injury or experiencing a medical emergency. During our first aid and CPR training, our instructors will teach you the basics you’ll need to know to provide assistance to a person in need.

One of the largeer components of our first aid classes is providing care to individuals with injuries or wounds. During the course, you will learn about safety precautions you should take before helping others, as well as the proper ways to provide care for someone with an open wound, broken bone, eye injuries, and much more..

Additionally, during our first aid training, we teach you how to respond when someone is experiencing a sudden medical emergency. Sudden medical emergencies include strokes, heart attacks, seizures, and even childbirth.

Our trained and certified instructors will work with you and the other students in the class to teach you the basics of responding to these various emergency situations. They will help you practice providing care to different conditions that require first aid and work with you to gain confidence in your skills.

If you are looking to receive first aid and CPR certification and are trying to find first aid classes in Saint Louis, we are here to provide you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence you’ll need to offer care to a person in need.

We offer individual classes as well as corporate trainings. For individuals, we provide a cost effective blended option. You are provided an online access to take the classroom part that is self paced. Upon successful completion, you will print off the certificate, contact us for the hands-on portion. We will then meet you with equipment and provide the practice session and skills evaluation. for groups, we can come to your location and do group trainings as well.

If you are an employer looking to schedule a class for your staff, we offer many course options for large groups. We can come to your facility and provide large group trainings in a traditional format or our blended option. Blended options work great when there are manpower issues. By the employer completing the self paced online portion prior to our arrival, we can create a set schedule for smaller groups or individual time frames to come and complete the skills portion.

If you are searching for first aid classes in Saint Louis, Missouri, look no further. We are here to provide you with quality training to prepare you to provide care to others during an emergency.

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